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.@brlamb nails misguided ideals aiding and abetting great edtech swindle "The bucket has a hole in it, let’s plug it" http://t.co/sPy4fmU6iG
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@FredWBaker They have them all up and archived here: http://t.co/17syrE5eZz Pretty cool @alexpickett [in reply to]
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As of this semester there have been more than 500 courses run through UMW Blogs http://t.co/BOsnPFAz That's more than 5 years of open at UMW
8 years supine 
So @timmmmyboy sitting in GMU edtech class being shown drawings by @giuliaforsythe to illustrate theory http://t.co/pTMR4Ks7 that's #ds106
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.@OfWhatSarahSaid's creative doodling as unprovoked note taking. Intensely smart connections http://t.co/teNxxXwU //cc @giuliaforsythe #rad
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